Ginseng coffee mousse
Dedicated to desserts lovers, PePe Mousse is a sheer mouth-filling delight, a smooth, velvet-like unique pleasure.


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Just like any brilliant and innovative idea, PePe was born from a combination of genius and chance. Some time ago, an instant coffee bag, enriched with the noble root known as ginseng, fell between the hands of someone who has been able to spy its potential, marketing it on a large scale and giving life to a phenomenon of instant liking. 
The reason behind ginseng coffee’s success is simple: the product was capable of meeting the needs of today’s consumers, who are much more attentive, conscious and demanding than in the past, constantly searching for consumptions that suit their healthy lifestyle without having to renounce taste.
But PePe has achieved more than this: its instant ginseng coffee has built quite a niche in the competitive hot beverages market, replacing barley as the main alternative to traditional ground coffee.
That’s how, in short, a Pleasure Bar is born.


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Everyone is raving about PePe’s ginseng coffee.

Il ginseng
Find out more about the root that gives life the right balance.


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